Shearing 2022

Here are Georgia Sheep members who shear:

Al Potter at Merciful Hearts Farm / Shearing

(864) 979-6321

Rosemarie Szostak at Shearing

(404) 476-5634

Nicole Taylor at Spirit Fiber Works

(706) 865-1969

Here are additional shearers that have received positive comments from Georgia Sheep members:

Dillon Jones (931) 212-5997

Dillon trained with a champion sheep shearer for several years. Prefers flocks of 20+ and to stay north I-20.  

Ben Hearne (828) 318-7556

Ben is based in NC; he has successfully sheared many Georgia flocks. His father Jonathon is a local shearing legend. 

Charlotte Crittenden (828) 557-4286

Charlotte is also based out of NC and a well-known shearer. She, Ben and Jonathon often team up as they travel the southeast.

Josh Antee (912) 410-9181

Josh is available to shear in the Savannah through Brunswick area

Gwendalyn Sprouse (417) 967-6433

Gwen is located in Florida; offers hoof trimming as well as shearing. Will come into southern Georgia

Southern Grit Shearing Services

(919) 830-5748

Sheep Industry

ASI Mission

To support, promote and safeguard sheep production in the United States – representing and advancing the interests of member organizations, industry partners and individual sheep producers with advocacy, knowledge-based insights, communications, research and education. Identify, establish, advise, direct and/or support enterprises that benefit members.

ASI Vision

  • Premier Protein
  • Premier Fiber
  • Environmentally Regenerative
  • Economically Sustainable

Here are a few links within the ASI:

Breeds of Sheep

There are many breeds worldwide and in the USA:  wool, hair, commercial and heritage breeds.  Here are 3 sources of basic breed information:

Information and Education

Want to know more about Best Practices for Parasite Control?    TIP: If you have sheep, the answer is "Yes". Here's a great resource:

How about ideas for animal welfare, marketing and  helpful apps? This is a rich and up-to-date resource: 

Are you a beginner shepherd?  Are you an experienced shepherd, but want a bit more information? Here are 2 helpful resources for sheep producers, students and the public: 

Sheep 201: A Beginner's Guide to Raising Sheep

Grilled Citrus Butterflied Leg of Lamb - Climbing Grier Mountain

For many producers, lamb and meat sales revolve around a list of holy days (holidays). From Passover to Greek Orthodox Easter, from Ramadan to Christmas and the Chinese New Year, these are important dates to know:


There are so many wonderful ways to cook lamb and mutton. And the internet makes it so easy to find them. We particularly recommend the American Lamb site. This site offers traditional and innovative recipes and tells the story of American Lamb. Check it out: 

These trusted sites also offer excellent lamb recipes!

Georgia Agriculture

Need to know about Georgia laws regarding sheep, sales and such? Check out the Ga Dept of Ag:

Buying sheep from another state? Transporting sheep to another state?  You need to check here first:

Does your farm qualify for the GATE card? Find out:


Want to find Georgia grown lamb or mutton? Want to be listed as a provider of Georgia grown meat, wool and livestock? Check this out:

University and Extension Offices

Here in Georgia, we are fortunate to have a wealth of academic and community resources.  From the University of Georgia School of  Veterinary Medicine, to the Fort Valley State College of Agriculture, to the local county extension agents, and to all the schools that support and promote animal health, agriculture, and the business of local food and fiber, we are blessed. 

Here are few links to explore:

UGA Extension Offices by County

United States Department of Agriculture: Natural Resources Conservation Service

American Sheep Industry YouTube Channel

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