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Yes, we want everyone to vote in the upcoming national and state elections. But we also want you to vote in the upcoming Georgia Sheep Association elections.  We are excited to announce that we have 4 potential candidates. Watch for more information via email soon. 

Georgia Sheep 2020 Annual Report

Be on the look out! The 2020 Annual Report will be mailed out this week (09/20). It includes highlights from the past 12 months, updates from the Meat and Wool groups, voting information for the Board of Directors and important information about Membership Extensions. 

Thank you for working with us to promote healthy sheep and successful shepherds.

Who is that masked man?

It's Steve Warner, current president of the Georgia Sheep Association. Steve and a few other Ga Sheep Meat Group members recently visited FoodService Partners (FSP) in Milledgeville. 

There's a possibility that Ga Sheep and FSP could work together on a  few food ventures.  Stay tuned.

Did you know?

Texels are primarily known for meat production, but as a whole the wool can be just as valuable. For people who like fiber craft, Texel wool can't be beat for felting and needle felting. These pictures are pure organic British Texel wool. Washed, spun and dyed the original old fashion way at an old New York Mill. These Texel Yarn were provided by Beaver Creek Texel Sheep in Georgia. #texelsheep #texelsusa #texelyarn #texelswool

Shared by Georgia Sheep member Kenan Davila, Prime Texels Puerto Rico

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photo from Georgia Sheep member Rockin C Farms

Georgia Sheep Events

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Welcome to the Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers' Association!

Home of healthy sheep and successful shepherds  

We are a not-for-profit farmers' network of shepherds, breeders, meat, wool and dairy producers, grazing services, fiber artists, and sheep enthusiasts. Our purpose: 

     Promote healthy sheep and successful shepherds.

Join us to:

  • Learn and share information 
  • Discover resources and opportunities
  • Buy and sell sheep related products
  • Promote healthy sheep and successful shepherds in Georgia and beyond

Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Association is a 521 (a) not for profit farmers' collective. To review our Constitution and By-Laws, read the attached:

06 07 2019 Sheep Bylaws Update--Edited (1).pdf

Sheep for sale!

Hair sheep, wool sheep, heritage breeds, commercial breeds, meat, milk, fiber, grazing services...

Check out the Classifieds for more offerings from Georgia Sheep members

Check it out!! The latest edition of The Bleat

The Bleat - Fall 2020_sm file.pdf

Stop thief!

Have you received a suspicious email from someone supposedly interested in buying a sheep, wool, a lamb … or even a donkey?   The request is fraudulent (he doesn't even get the breeds right in some emails) but his aim is serious. He wants your bank account information.

We reported a recent phishing emailer (Timio Brook) to our website provider and filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Thank you to the members who let us know this was happening. 

I found the short (less than 2 minutes) video from the FTC to be very helpful in explaining why it's so important to report fraud. It's worth a listen to.

Assaf on board!

Are you familiar with the Assaf breed?

The Assaf is a dual purpose cross between Mideastern Awassi fat tailed sheep and East Friesian sheep breeds.

They originated in Israel in the 1950's and  have been considered game changers for dairy sheep producers, particularly in the hot and humid (and parasite-rich) south. 

Georgia Sheep member Teresa White (White Horse Manor) recently purchased a breeding group from Karrass Farms. 

Anyone else have Assaf? Please let us know.

"Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Association" is a 521(a) Farmers Cooperative.
P.O. Box 80632, Athens, GA 30601

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