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Helloooo handsome!

Lacuna ram

Jacob lambs

Katahdins with spots

Katahdins in a flock

Charming crossbreeds and impressive purebreds

Sheep feeders and flock protectors...


Do you love wool?

Are you an experienced fiber artist? A shepherd who wants to learn how to produce desirable fleeces? Someone ready to learn how to process and /or market your wool?

Joanne Maki, Ga Sheep Association Vice President and owner of Georgia Rustic Wool, is heading up a group of Ga Sheep members to learn more about wool: from growing to selling, and all the 

steps in-between.   At a recent group get together, we skirted fleeces and discussed ways to make dryer balls (picture below).

Contact to learn more.

Welcome to the Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers' Association!

We are a not-for-profit farmers' network of sheep producers who provide meat, wool, dairy, grazing services, fiber art, breeding and show stock. Our membership also includes sheep enthusiasts and people who provide related agricultural services.   Our purpose is to:  Promote healthy sheep and successful shepherds.

Membership is $35.00 per family / farm per year. You may pay online or mail a check to the  Georgia Sheep Association at PO Box 80632, Athens, GA 30601

Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Association is a 521 (a) not for profit farmers' collective. To review our Constitution and By-Laws, read the attached: 06 07 2019 Sheep Bylaws Update--Edited (1).pdf

"Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Association" is a 521(a) Farmers Cooperative.
P.O. Box 80632, Athens, GA 30601

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