Georgia Sheep and Community Events

The internet is a marvelous tool! With a click of a finger, we can access information from around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HOWEVER, humans, like sheep, are social beings. Many studies indicate that face-to-face interaction is the best way to learn, to teach, to communicate and to create memories. If you know of sheep-related events that are not posted, please share your information with

Upcoming Events

Past events

09/17/2022 Ga Sheep Fleece Show and Sale
08/02/2022 Master Small Ruminant Program
06/28/2022 Fleece Skirting Workshop
06/04/2022 Shearing Class
05/21/2022 Georgia Sheep Annual Conference
04/30/2022 Forages, Grants and More
01/19/2022 American Sheep Industry Annual Conference
12/11/2021 Zoom Workshop and Business Meeting
09/22/2021 Gwinnett Fair Sheep and Wool Show
01/28/2021 2021 ASI Annual Convention
04/27/2020 FAMACHA Certification
04/21/2020 Weekly Worm Webinars
04/16/2020 Designs for Sheep Farming Infrastructure
03/30/2020 POSTPONED Georgia Sheep Annual Conference
02/29/2020 Wool 101
12/04/2019 Small Ruminant Production
11/16/2019 Fall Sheep and Goat Day
10/03/2019 Georgia National Fair
10/03/2019 Georgia National Fair
09/18/2019 Gwinnett Fair Wool and Sheep Show
08/03/2019 Field Day!
07/23/2019 Small Ruminant Class Greene County
07/20/2019 Meat Marketing Group
06/18/2019 Georgia Forage Summer Grassland Tour
06/15/2019 Georgia Sheep Annual Conference
05/11/2019 Meat Group of Georgia Sheep
01/23/2019 ASI Annual Convention
09/19/2018 Gwinnett Fair Open Sheep and Wool Show
06/28/2018 Sericea Lespedeza Field Day
06/23/2018 FVSU Sheep and Goat Training
06/09/2018 Georgia Sheep Wool Pool
06/02/2018 Annual Spring Meeting and Workshops
03/31/2018 FAMACHA Certification Workshop and Small Ruminant Training
02/17/2018 Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Board Meeting
01/31/2018 American Sheep Industry Association Convention
10/27/2017 Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)
10/17/2017 Sunbelt Agriculture Expo
09/20/2017 Ga Sheep Wool Show
09/14/2017 Gwinnett County Fair
08/29/2017 Journeyman Farmer Program
06/20/2017 On-Site and Hands-On Workshop
06/13/2017 Ewe Profit 1 School
06/10/2017 Georgia Sheep and Wool Board Meeting
05/20/2017 Georgia Sheep Annual Spring Meeting
05/06/2017 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
04/21/2017 Tennessee Shearing School

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