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The internet is a marvelous tool! With a click of a finger, we can access information from around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HOWEVER, humans, like sheep, are social beings. Many studies indicate that face-to-face interaction is the best way to learn, to teach, to communicate and to create memories. If you know of sheep-related events that are not posted, please share your information with

Upcoming Events

    • 08/02/2022
    • 6:00 PM
    • 08/25/2022
    • 9:00 PM
    • UGA Extension Walker County 102 E Napier Street | POB 827 | LaFayette GA 30728

     The Master Small Ruminant Program will be offered in Northwest Georgia. This is a series of classes that are offered in the evenings. Please note: most classes will be held at the Walker County Ag Center. Topics include breeding, forages, parasites, marketing and much more.

    Register and confirm specific dates, times and locations with Wade Hutcheson, County Extension Agriculture & Natural Resource Agent at or

Past events

06/28/2022 Fleece Skirting Workshop
06/04/2022 Shearing Class
05/21/2022 Georgia Sheep Annual Conference
04/30/2022 Forages, Grants and More
01/19/2022 American Sheep Industry Annual Conference
12/11/2021 Zoom Workshop and Business Meeting
09/22/2021 Gwinnett Fair Sheep and Wool Show
01/28/2021 2021 ASI Annual Convention
04/27/2020 FAMACHA Certification
04/21/2020 Weekly Worm Webinars
04/16/2020 Designs for Sheep Farming Infrastructure
03/30/2020 POSTPONED Georgia Sheep Annual Conference
02/29/2020 Wool 101
12/04/2019 Small Ruminant Production
11/16/2019 Fall Sheep and Goat Day
10/03/2019 Georgia National Fair
10/03/2019 Georgia National Fair
09/18/2019 Gwinnett Fair Wool and Sheep Show
08/03/2019 Field Day!
07/23/2019 Small Ruminant Class Greene County
07/20/2019 Meat Marketing Group
06/18/2019 Georgia Forage Summer Grassland Tour
06/15/2019 Georgia Sheep Annual Conference
05/11/2019 Meat Group of Georgia Sheep
01/23/2019 ASI Annual Convention
09/19/2018 Gwinnett Fair Open Sheep and Wool Show
06/28/2018 Sericea Lespedeza Field Day
06/23/2018 FVSU Sheep and Goat Training
06/09/2018 Georgia Sheep Wool Pool
06/02/2018 Annual Spring Meeting and Workshops
03/31/2018 FAMACHA Certification Workshop and Small Ruminant Training
02/17/2018 Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Board Meeting
01/31/2018 American Sheep Industry Association Convention
10/27/2017 Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)
10/17/2017 Sunbelt Agriculture Expo
09/20/2017 Ga Sheep Wool Show
09/14/2017 Gwinnett County Fair
08/29/2017 Journeyman Farmer Program
06/20/2017 On-Site and Hands-On Workshop
06/13/2017 Ewe Profit 1 School
06/10/2017 Georgia Sheep and Wool Board Meeting
05/20/2017 Georgia Sheep Annual Spring Meeting
05/06/2017 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
04/21/2017 Tennessee Shearing School

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