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Meat Sheep / Lamb Meat / Mutton

Sliced lamb on a large pale blue platter scattered with artichoke halves large pieces of braised garlic mint and sesame...

Looking to buy a sheep for meat? Wanting to buy lamb or mutton? 

Do you want to purchase a whole animal, a half, or USDA processed cuts?

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the classifieds, contact us:  

There are many Georgia Sheep members who raise high quality lamb, sheep and mutton. We will do our best to connect you with a local sheep producer.


Lambs for sale. Katahdin Dorper crossed ram lambs. 6 suitable for breeding $300 each. 4 for commercial use $180-$220 each. Purebred sires. 50-100lbs each. Fat and ready to go. Text or leave voice message @404-218-1615

Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland GA, has a Harlequin Ram (F1gen) for sale - $500. Harlequin sheep are known for their laid back personalities, small build and hardiness. They are naturally polled (no horns) and are known to have blue eyes. If interested, please visit our website oremail  for more details

Hello, handsome!

Platinum Farms Katahdins in Meansville,GA

2 year old Registered Katahdin Breeding ram

Excellent conformation, very muscular, gentle disposition, and throws excellent lambs. $750.

Also have 2 Registered Katahdin January / February ram lambs ready to meet their ladies. $450.

For more info and pictures, contact Melanie at 770-314-9851 or


Wanting to add wonderful fiber?

Two ram lambs for sale:

1) Finn / Merino cross

2) East Friesian / Finn / Merino cross

Add color, crimp and wool excitement to your flock!

Only $150.00 each

 Also have ewe lambs for sale: super soft wool. Email me for specific info and prices.

Bella Luna Sheep and Wool Company


Olde English Babydoll Ram Lambs

Sire is spotted and a beautiful line. Flock registered with OEBSR.    Ram lambs are $500. each

Contact Sonya at 706-352-1055

For Sale:

Starter flock of 3-year old Dorset Horned ewes from the Cassell flock. Proven mothers of fast growing lambs. Fleeces have a nice staple length. This is a rare breed; listed by the Livestock Conservancy. Located in Fayette County GA.

Grazing Services from City Sheep and Goat

Sheep and Goats provide a green alternative to keep your property free of weeds and invasive plant species!


Registered Jacob ram for sale (250) or lease. Excellent temperament. Sound/healthy offspring. Augusta area.

Reserve yours now!

2021 Registered katahdin lambs will be available for pick up or delivery June / July. $350 each.

They come from excellent breeding stock, originally purchased from Warm Springs Katahdins.

Please see our website for more pics and information:

Suzanne & Harry Kozee, SunRidge Farms, Molena, Ga., 678-877-9860

Katahdin sheep and lamb for sale. Healthy sheep raised in a serene setting near Greensboro, Georgia. Katahdins are heritage sheep, known for hardiness, parasite resistance, no wool and for their mild-flavored meat. 



Lyons Farm Inc.

We raise registered Polypay and Hampshire sheep for breeding stock and slaughter lambs.

We have our lambs slaughtered at a USDA inspected facility and have individual cuts, half and whole lambs available at our farm in Dawsonville.

What a handsome ram !! 

5 rams and 6 ewes for sale. Meansville Ga area. Some registered. Contact us for more info !

The Misfit Farm: Just a Wee Bit Different!

Grazing Services from Cud Crew

Cud Crew provides prescribed grazing services in Central Georgia. We manage the hard to manage landscapes using sheep.


I need a few more local GA raised lambs for our meat business. Prefer wool or wool cross lambs, but also will consider hair breeds. Contact Jeff or 404-421-0686

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