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Tom Huber, our Secretary / Treasurer and a dedicated member of the Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Association tells this story:

“I was leaving work (veterinary professor at University of Georgia) one afternoon and headed home to the farm. One of my colleagues, who was also leaving work, stopped me. He asked, “Now Tom, how much money are you really making with all that sheep business stuff?”

I said, “I’ll answer your question if you’ll answer a question of mine first.” He agreed.

Knowing that he was headed out for a round of golf, I asked, “Now, how much money are you really making with all that golfing stuff?”

He paused, smiled, and said “Point taken.”

We all spend our time on something. Most of us will not get rich raising sheep. However, our sheep, farms, families and friends give us lives that are rich with experiences and memories.

Members, we want to see glimpses of your farm life.
Please share your photos with us!
There are two ways to submit your pictures:

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  2. Or, email your photos to and put "Photo Gallery" in the subject line.

Member Photos

17 photo(s) Updated on: 06/03/2018
  • A fine flock of Huber Hampshire Ewes
  • Kelsey Paras, DVM MS in the field. Dr. Paras was a speaker (parasites) at our 2017 Spring Meeting
  • Ben and Melissa's daughter and lamb
  • Texel sheep in Scotland (by Patrea / Beaver Creek Farm)
  • Texel lamb at beaver Creek Farm (and featured in an ASI publication!)
  • Crews son and lamb
  • Happy sheep at Honest 2 Goodness Farms
  • Crews Family and Tunis Lamb
  • DeJoiree examines a fleece at Hope Springs Farm
  • Crews Family and Lamb
  • Brody and the Lamb
  • Beautiful Yarn from Paula Vester
  • Getting ready for the Show Ring
  • Ben Shearing
  • Sweet lambs at Sheepcote Farm

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