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    Sheep pens have been used across the world, throughout the ages.  In Biblical times, shepherds constructed pens by stacking rocks. They created one gate for entering and exiting. The shepherd often slept in front of the opening, ensuring that the sheep were protected for the night.

    Today, we often corral sheep in metal panels so that we can inspect, treat, shear, feed or transport them. Regardless of materials used, the goal is the same: to safely gather and hold the flock.

    Welcome to the Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Association website!

    This site is filled with good stuff: helpful information, research studies, tips and techniques, pleasant photos, upcoming events and a valuable member network.  Our purpose is to promote healthy sheep and successful, well-informed shepherds. You’ll find many tools here to fulfill that purpose.

    And like the sheep pens of old, this is a safe place to gather. Most of us are passionate about “our” sheep breed. Many of us have strong opinions about the “right” way to raise sheep. Wool sheep? Hair sheep? Oh, we could debate that topic with vigor! Here’s what’s most important:

    We are united in our love for sheep, in our commitment to raise them in a healthy manner, and in our respect for the sheep – and for the shepherds.


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